Guster Blades
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~ Ozzieblades formerly Guster Blades ~

In an ever growing export market, it was decided in 2007 to change the name of Guster Blades to that of Ozzieblades to better reflect the country of origin of this great product. 2011 saw Ozzieblades change hands to become part of Prosharp Australia making it the number one blade care and manufacturing centre in the country.

Offering the very best reciprocating slicer blades available.  These Australian made blades are unbreakable, corrosion free and able to be resharpened.

Stainless Steel provides the ultimate slicer blade, rusting, breakage and the associated risks of bread contamination are eliminated. Stainless steel material increases the blades durability due to its non-reactive nature with yeast, sugar and other ingredients. Conventional carbon steel blades are susceptible to the ingredients of the bread being slice, which not only effects the blades cutting edge but increases the risk of breakage and contamination, making Ozzieblades stainless steel blades the better choice.

Innovators of stainless steel bread slicer blades in Australia

Guster Blades - Australia's choice for bread slicing machines