Guster Blades
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Our Customers know how important Ozzieblades are to their business....

"Your stainless steel blades are in the slicer machine for a year and still going strong. A good Aussie product."

- G Smith, Village Bakehouse, Annadale, QLD

"I have previously used conventional imported blades, but your stainless steel blades truly outperform all others."

- Elmar Effenberg, Golden Bread Basket, Victoria

Your blades are the best on the market, Banjo's stores will continue to use Guster Engineering stainless steel blades in the future."

- Tony Jenkins, Banjo's - Sorell, Tasmania

"I must say it took a while for you to convince us to buy our first lot of blades from you, however since we have tried the first lot, our customers are extremely happy. The life of your blades have proven outstanding with the different types of products our customers are slicing with them."

- N Dugmore, Bakery Services Limited, Mt Roskill, New Zealand

"I am so satisfied with the performance of Guster Engineering's stainless steel blades, that I have recommended them to our Bakers Delight head office."

- Paul Topp, Bakers Delight, ACT

"The blades seem to last forever."
- D Thornton, Wongan Hill Bakery, Western Australia
"Thank you very much for introducing your stainless steel blades to us. We used to have so much trouble with our type of blades before, with slicing performance and staying sharp, now we have overcome these with your blades. We are saving money by not getting them sharpened every month. Also we have more time to ourselves by not changing blades all the time. Our customers are happier too because the bread is not squashed like before because they (Guster Blades) cut so sharp, the bread stays square…"

- M Stanra, Mick's Bread Kitchen, Ingham, QLD

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