Guster Blades
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Ozzieblades was a Western Australian business which commenced in 1983 under the name of Guster Engineering, in the area of blade sharpening. By 1996, Guster's developed machinery for the manufacture of bread slicer blades and the business became a dedicated manufacture of stainless steel bread slicer blades for the top end of the market, being more durable and efficient than the non-stainless steel products.

In 1999 Guster Engineering was acquired by P G Watson & Co Pty Ltd. Guster Engineering relocated to the premises of P G Watson and in August 2000 changed its name to Guster Blades. In 2005 the business was purchased by Mallee Sharpening Service and moved to Victoria where it is today. In 2007 as more and more export demand was received it was decided to rename Guster to Ozzieblades, still the same great company, same great service and same great product you have come to expect. Now under it's new name, Ozzieblades continues to supply it's customers with the same high standard and service they have become accustomed to with the Guster name.

Prosharp Australia acquired Ozzieblades in 2011.

Our stainless steel bread slicer blades have been recognised by our customers, both within Australia and overseas to be superior to most ordinary blades available on the world market for the following reasons:

Last significantly longer than most ordinary blades on the world market
Offer value for money
Less down time
Do not rust or break

Ozzieblades - Innovators of Stainless Steel Bread Slicer Blades in Australia